Monday, 25 April 2016

Materials Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) Workshop

Materials Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) Workshop

On Friday 22 April, academic and industry delegates from across Europe come together for the Materials Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) Workshop; a one day event to discuss current and future trends of LCA, and how it can aid decision making to achieve resource efficiency and sustainability.

Held at The University of Sheffield, the event was organised jointly between the Advanced Resource Efficiency Centre (AREC) and the EPSRC funded projects "Designing Alloys for Resource Efficiency" (DARE) and "Substitution and Sustainability in Functional Materials and Devices" (SUBST), and included discussions on major materials innovation projects and real industry cases.

Louis Brimacombe, Head of Environmental Technology at Tata Steel, gave the keynote presentation explaining the role LCA has in understanding the benefits of a circular economy, where not only environmental considerations but also the social and economic performance of a material are crucial for making sustainable decisions.

"Life cycle assessment is core in achieving sustainability across supply chains. LCA not only helps industry make informed decisions, but identifies where we can improve resource efficiency, sustainability and circular economy." - Louis Brimacombe / Head of Environmental Technology at TATA Steel

Thursday, 7 April 2016

SFM 2016

Sustainable Functional Materials (SFM) 2016

On Tuesday 5 April, the Department co-hosted a two day conference with The University of Surrey to address the scientific and technological demands of maintaining a sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically viable Functional Materials and Device industry.

Delegates at SFM 2016

Held at the Spa Complex in Scarborough, this inaugural symposium designed to address the scientific and technological demands of maintaining a sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically viable Functional Materials and Device industry. It will deal with a wide range of topics including thermoelectrics; fuels cells; solar cells and dielectrics. It is designed to be of interest to industrialists, solid state physicists, solid state chemists and materials scientists interested in functional materials. It also aims to gain the perspective of industry concerning the critical sustainability and substitution issues that they perceive as paramount in the next 5-10 years.

Keynote speakers for this event;
  • Professor. Clive Randall, Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • Prof Paula Vilarinho, University of Aveiro, Portugal
  • Professor. Andy Bell, University of Leeds
  • Jon Booth, Johnson Matthey
  • Prof Derek Sinclair, University of Sheffield
  • Dr. Emmanuel Guilmeau, CrisMat
  • Dr. Simon Hall, University of Bristol
  • Professor. Richard Murphy, University of Surrey


A-level Chemistry students from Scarborough Sixth Form College were also in attendance, taking part in a pre-conference presentation and workshop; a discussion on metal modification and a hands-on practical, testing the strength of chocolate. The students were able to speak with academics, learn about Materials Science higher education courses and potential careers. 

"We were challenged to measure a range of chocolate including white, dark, and fruit and nut in order to determine which was toughest – and yes we were allowed to eat it too!" - Jess Giddins / A-Level Chemistry Student

Professor Robert Dorey presenting
Professor Richard Murphy from the University of Surrey.

Professor Ian Reaney presenting
Professor Ian Reaney from the University of Sheffield.

Dr Fan Yang
Dr Fan Yang, Research Associate at the Univeristy of Sheffield.